Virtual OKR TConsultant, Zack Ross


An OKR consultant will facilitate

a virtual OKR Workshop.

Onsite OKR Training Consultant, Zack Ross


An OKR consultant will facilitate an OKR workshop at a location of your choice.

OKR Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, Zack Ross


An OKR consultant will speak as an OKR thought leader at your event.

Our Services

  •  OKR Training

  • Strategy Formation 

  • OKR Creation/Writing

  • OKR Process Definition

  • Coaching and Mentoring

OKRs will help your organization:​

  • Align and connect your employees to your corporate goals. 

  • Give clear direction to every team and individual.

  • Increase productivity through focus on goals.

  • Track regular progress towards goals.

  • Make more effective and informed decisions.

  • Achieve measurement, accountability, and transparency.

Implement The OKR Framework

Our OKR workshops are very hands on. We help facilitate your leadership team with implementing the OKR framework within your organization, and with crafting OKRs. 


The workshop includes:


  • The history of OKR

  • A breakdown of the OKR methodology as a critical thinking framework

  • Definitions of Objectives and Key Results

  • Types of Key Results

  • Characteristics of effective OKR

  • Examples and exercises

  • How to Score OKR

  • Benefits of OKR

  • Essentials of effectively implementing OKR

We will review and provide written feedback on your OKRs and provide webinars, tutorials, and follow-up as necessary.