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How can I use OKR for team projects?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

This is another “ease your way into OKRs” approach.

Rather than developing corporate-level OKRs or using the framework at the unit or team level you might start by applying objectives and key results to your biggest projects. Ask what your objective is for investing in the project, and then establish key results to track the project and gauge success. This method helps socialize the concept, creates a fluency for the terminology, and will, hopefully, improve your project management discipline.

We’re presenting this as an option, but would not strongly endorse it as an adoption approach for most organizations. Any projects you’re spending time and money on should necessarily be linked to your overall strategy (and vision and mission). With those conditions in place, you will be more likely to accelerate execution by applying OKRs at the corporate level, and eventually rolling out to the entire company.

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