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What is a good OKR vs a bad OKR for engineering?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

OKR can be used in any industry, but here are a some detailed examples of bad and good OKRs just for the engineers.

Bad OKRs Examples:

1. Objective: Test new vendor software release for bug fix

KR: Software release tested.

2. Objective: Respond to new tickets within stated SLA

KR: Most ticket responses met SLA.

3. Objective: Albatross tool automation development work

KR: Evolve and refine the procedures and tools for Albatross.

4. Objective: Clean router air filters

KR: Air filters vacuumed

Good OKRs Examples:

1. Objective: Implement fix for critical bug that turn bits blue

KR: Create and document test plan; [Doc link here].

KR: Execute test plan and document test results; [Doc link here].

KR: Plan rollout of new software; plan here.

KR: Create MOP for software rollout; MOP link here.

KR: Rollout new software to FOA sites; PCR link here.

KR: Rollout new software to all production sites; Status tracking report here.

2. Objective: Respond to new tickets within 5 minute SLA for urgent priority tickets to minimize customer impact.

KR: 147 tickets received this quarter with 139 (95%) addressed within 5 minutes. See report at < link >.

3. Objective: Add new vendor xyz to Albatross data collection tool to identify initial configuration errors.

KR: Automation requirements collected from cross-functional team; document here.

KR: Code written to implement new vendor data collection; CL here.

KR: Dashboard presentation and alerting mechanism implemented; CL here.

KR: Identified errors assigned to engineer for resolution; Ticket summary here.

4. Objective: Perform preventative maintenance cleaning of router air filters annually.

KR: Air filter cleaning schedule published; plan link here.

KR: 25% of air filters checked and cleaned this quarter; Work tracking results link here.

KR: Pine air freshener added to each site cleaned; Tracking results here.

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